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Your giving provides the opportunity for young, emerging leaders to attend ROM and EDI forums, conferences and other projects of Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation.

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Lives are being changed.

"ROM is a great opportunity. It’s really fantastic to be here and experience the diversity of other cultures and learn about them and how we can overcome divisions, stereotypes, and everything else that composes our reality. We learned how to apply the skills we learned here in our hometowns and native regions - how to be leaders in our communities. There is much work to be done to influence others and take what we learned here back and try to be transformative and compassionate leaders."

- Dusan (Serbia)

“Mentally, I am healed and spiritually, I am overwhelmed by Jesus’s principles. As for the speakers I see one common thing that is 'All good leaders are those who walk with God.'  As for all participants, each of us brings our own story, we shared it here in EDI, then we will bring back stories to our country and show that how Jesus’s principle are applying in all over the world.

- Salay Nay Lynn Htun (Myanmar)


Your $48 monthly investment

sponsors a young leader to ROM or EDI

Make a tax-deductible gift today.

Option 1: Text "GIVE" to 1-877-628-1760

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Option 3: Write a check to "Forum for Leadership & Reconciliation" and  on the memo line add ROM, EDI, or General fund for your donation.


Please send to:

Forum for Leadership & Reconciliation

c/o Claire Strunk

903 W. 16th Avenue

Spokane, WA 99203

Gifts are tax deductible for US citizens. Forum is a 501c3 Nonprofit (ID/EIN: 35-2439016).

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