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EDI seeks to apply Jesus' life and principles to economics, politics, and economic relations between ethnic groups and nations. Integrity, moral leadership, service to the community, a focus on the poorest and their needs - these are foundations for leadership in Southeast Europe and beyond.

In 2005, Economics, Diplomacy and Integrity (EDI) was born out of the prayer of two friends, one Jewish American and the other Serbian, as a response to what to do to help the Balkan region now that the wars in the 90s were over and there was an apparent economic and political need to rebuild the nations of Southeast Europe.Principles like integrity, moral leadership, service to the community, a focus on the poorest and their needs, faith and transparency can help combat corruption, selfishness, youth hopelessness, debilitating unemployment, and abject poverty. Our hope was and is that when these experiences and principles are applied, they will end up changing and developing the region, not just in terms of economic growth, but through the creation of a community of leaders committed to good economics and politics and most importantly, to each other and God.Following His way, together we want to develop visions of change, using new tools, new ideas, and new hope. And we want to do this as co-workers and friends. That is what EDI does. Let us not sit passive, or idle while corruption, poverty, unemployment and other similar ills grip our lands and destroy our people. We are at a crucial time, so let us take hold of this hope together, opening our minds, extending our arms of friendship, and letting our creative ideas and love flow together.

EDI Conferences

The week+ Economics, Diplomacy and Integrity (EDI) Forum is a growing experience that is inspiring and challenging. Many creative ideas motivate participates to have their own EDI, in their own city or town. EDI conferences are organized by an EDI Forum participant.

They are responsible for all content, finding donors, speakers and sending invitations. The 3-day conferences have been very successful and achieves the hope to be the positive change where we live and be ambassadors for a better world.

Chart of EDI locations

Upcoming Events

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What is EDI?

EDI stands for Economics, Diplomacy, and Integrity. It is an organization born out of the desire to apply Jesus's principles to bring about positive change in Southeast Europe, particularly focusing on economic and political development, combating corruption, and fostering reconciliation between ethnic groups.

How was EDI founded?

EDI was founded in 2005 by two friends, one Jewish American and one Protestant Serbian, who saw the need to address the economic and political challenges facing the Balkan region after the wars of the 1990s.

What are the main principles guiding EDI's work?

EDI is guided by principles such as integrity, moral leadership, service to the community, a focus on the poorest and their needs, faith, and transparency. These principles are applied to combat corruption, selfishness, youth hopelessness, unemployment, and poverty.

What is EDI's focus?

EDI focuses on various areas, including economic development, political engagement, entrepreneurship, reconciliation between ethnic groups, and addressing the needs of marginalized communities such as the Roma and refugees in Southeast Europe.

What impact has EDI had so far?

EDI has been successful in incubating national leaders who have taken the principles of EDI back to their home countries, established weekend EDIs, and inspired many individuals to become agents of positive change in their communities.

How can individuals get involved with EDI?

Individuals can get involved with EDI by participating in their programs, volunteering, or supporting their initiatives financially. They can also spread awareness about EDI's mission and principles in their communities.

Does EDI operate only in Southeast Europe?


While Southeast Europe is a primary focus for EDI, the organization's principles and methods can be applied in other regions facing similar challenges. EDI remains open to collaboration and partnerships beyond its immediate geographical focus.

How does EDI promote reconciliation between ethnic groups?

EDI promotes reconciliation between ethnic groups through dialogue, community-building initiatives, and fostering understanding and empathy among diverse communities. The organization believes that by working together, people can overcome historical divisions and build a more inclusive society.

Is EDI affiliated with any religious or political groups?

EDI is not affiliated with any specific religious or political groups. While its founders draw inspiration from Jesus's teachings, the organization's work is non-denominational and non-partisan, focusing on principles of integrity, service, and reconciliation.

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