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Renewing Our Minds (ROM) is a Southeastern European project of change with a vision of a transformed leadership, inspired by the character and teachings of the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

ROM's mission is to develop leaders of integrity, committed to reconciliation, peace-building, and healing social action; leaders, who renewed in their mind, character, attitudes, and actions in the likeness of Jesus, are steadily transforming their constituencies, communities, and country.


Following the Balkan Wars (1991-1995) in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, a group of young adults associated with Life Center International (LCI) from Croatia, gave birth to the international ROM movement. ROM was born in response to prevailing ethnic, religious, political, and economic distress; and at a time when an emerging generation of young leaders in the region lacked role models and a vision for the future of the post-war Balkan region.


The first ROM Gathering was launched in 1999 in the beautiful town of Fuzine in Croatia. Over the years ROM has grown into an international family of friends that embraces young adults and emerging from 40 countries. In 2011 ROM became part of a non-profit organization, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation.

A ROM Gathering is a journey that begins with the question: “Who or what is impacting your mind?” Over several days, you are guided from one question to another, all of them leading you beyond the daily superficialities of life into pondering deep into the themes and subjects that matter, are true, defining, dignifying and meaningful.

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