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Ecology and Social Responsibility Conference in Novi Sad

9/7/23, 10:00 AM

ROM is pleased to announce we will be hosting a conference on the importance of environmental stewardship in Novi Sad, Serbia, from 6–8 October.

To help raise awareness about the vital importance of caring for the  Earth, ROM is hosting a conference in Novi Sad. This conference will be  the first of its kind in Serbia in which Christians will make a public  declaration about the importance of creation care and our responsibility  to protect the environment. We welcome all who are interested in the  long-term health of the planet to attend, regardless of belief.

The event will begin on Friday, 6 October with a public panel  discussion. On Saturday, we will spend time in nature while learning  about ecosystems in the morning, while the afternoon will be centered  around talks on how we can engage the church and the Christian community  in actively caring for creation. We will close with a worship service  on Sunday in which spirituality and ecology will be intertwined. All  components will be conducted in both Serbian and English.

Please save the dates, 6–8 October. A registration page will be available soon!

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