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Announcement: ROM Leadership Forum in Albania

3/1/23, 11:00 AM

The Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation is organizing a Renewing Our Minds (ROM) leadership forum together with Forum for Democracy and Ethics (FDE) in Tirana, Albania, March 24 - 26, 2023. The theme of the forum is "Leadership in Times of Crisis."

This leadership forum is a continuation of ROM, with  the aim of diversifying and enriching ROM's activities and vision.

The leadership forum is an international event which  will bring together participants, speakers and guests from the Western  Balkans, the US, the UK, and EU countries.

The hosts have created a joint team to organize this leadership  forum, with the aim of providing participants with a weekend of  learning, culture, education, principles and values based on Jesus of  Nazareth, reflection, friendship and fun.

The speakers will include international and Albanian politicians,  diplomats, academics and activists who will share their experiences,  reflections, and knowledge with participants.

We invite you to register online as soon as possible for the Leadership Forum.

The organizers:

The Forum for Democracy and Ethics is an  organization conceived, founded and directed by a group of young people  in Albania involved in politics, representing different political ideas  and parties. This initiative aims to promote tolerance, dialogue, and  collaboration between political actors, and other actors in civil  society, business, media, and academia, that influence everyday life in  the country.

"Renewing Our Minds is a  Southwest European project of change with a vision of a transformed  leadership, inspired by the character and teachings of the person of  Jesus. Its mission is to develop leaders of integrity, committed to  reconciliation, peace-building and healing social action. The first ROM  Gathering was launched in 1999 in the beautiful town of Fuzine in  Croatia. Over the years ROM has grown into an international family of  friends that embraces young adults and emerging leaders from 40  countries of the world. In 2011 ROM became part of a non-profit  organization, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation.

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