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ROM Leadership Forum in Albania: Learning, Connecting, Growing

3/29/23, 10:00 AM

The first ROM Leadership Forum took place in Tirana, Albania, March 24-26, 2023. The Forum was organized in partnership with the Forum for Democracy and Ethics (FDE), and brought together 30 young leaders and speakers from Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, North Macedonia, US, and the UK.

The theme of the conference was "Leadership in Times  of Crisis," and the plenary speakers provided a platform, through their  insights and ideas, for lively discussion of the challenges facing  Albania and Southeast Europe today.

Leading Albanian philosopher Professor Gjergj Sinani  spoke about the history of the idea of Europe, and about the dangers of  the manipulation of democracy, the possibility of new dictatorship, and  the need for new leaders to counteract these dangerous trends.

Zoran Jolevski, former Minister of Defense of North Macedonia and  North Macedonian Ambassador to the United States, spoke about Southeast  European EU accession and European integration and the connection  between economic growth, stability, and democracy.

Pastor, theologian, and linguist Alfred Golloshi spoke about how a  leader's character and integrity are most important in times of crisis,  and how it is times of crisis which test and reveal character.

Heather Staff, an elected Councillor for Laycock ward in the London  Borough of Islington, and parliamentary advisor on refugee and asylum  policy, spoke from personal experience about the challenges of living  out principles of integrity in everyday politics, not just in theory.

In addition to these enriching sessions, participants had the  opportunity to build relationships and learn from each other and the  speakers during mealtimes and an excursion to the beautiful Mt. Dajti  just outside of Tirana on Saturday afternoon.

Participants shared gratitude for the opportunity to learn,  connect, and grow, and we plan to organize follow-up events in Albania  with the Forum for Democracy and Ethics in the future.

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