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Forum 2023 Summer Gatherings Announcement

6/6/23, 10:00 AM

The Summer Gathering for Renewing Our Minds (ROM) and the annual Forum for Economics, Diplomacy, and Integrity (EDI) will occur simultaneously for the first time this year.

Both run from June 25 to July 6 in Crikvenica,  Croatia—a beautiful coastal location. We are excited to announce that  both organizations plan to use the opportunity to bring young adults  together, connecting individuals passionate about servant leadership,  building up communities, and pursuing their callings. After listening to  knowledgable speakers, attending workshops, participating in group  excursions and recreational activities, and just relaxing and reflecting  with your peers, you will leave strengthened, challenged, committed,  and motivated to create change.


ROM was born in 1999 with a vision for a  post-conflict future, one in which the younger generation comes together  to help build a more just and peaceful world. The annual peace camp is  designed for young adults from the Balkans, other European countries,  and even further afield, all connected by one mission: restoring,  revitalizing, and reconciling individuals and groups. Individuals with  various national, ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds are  transformed into leaders who then return to their homes to transform  their communities. Intrigued?


The EDI Forum gathers young professionals in the areas of economics,  business, organizing, and politics who reside in Croatia and nearby  countries. The organization focuses on integrity, transparency, moral  leadership, service to the community, and a commitment to helping the  poor. The EDI is an intensive and inspiring journey that will enrich you  emotionally, intellectually, relationally and spiritually, and motivate  you to make a difference in your country and community. With the help  of speakers and mentors, you will dive deeper into your vision for both  personal and community development. Curious?

Both ROM and EDI are based on the life of Jesus and his teachings while  equipping participants to build bridges across areas of difference. They  are designed as journeys that first transform the individual, and then  equip the individual to make a difference in the lives of others. While  each program will remain distinct, the chance for participants in each  to learn with and from one another will strengthen connections and  create a stronger network for all to lean into after returning home.  Several slots are still available for each program—don’t miss this  valuable opportunity to meet with like-minded leaders who are actively  seeking to create change in their communities and throughout the world!

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