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Economics, Diplomacy and Integrity (EDI) 2021

12/7/21, 11:00 AM

Economics, Diplomacy and Integrity (EDI) is an initiative designed to support the development of young professionals and students in the areas of politics, economics, and business which are based on the life and teachings of Jesus.

EDI 2021 gathered 27 people from 10 countries in  Crikvenica, Croatia July 24-August 1, 2021 to learn about how to fight  against unhealthy rivalry among and within nations by establishing an economic and political community based on the principles and life of Jesus.

The forum taught principles like integrity, moral  leadership, service to the community, a focus on the poorest and their  needs, faith, and transparency can help combat corruption, selfishness,  youth hopelessness, debilitating unemployment, and abject poverty.  Our  hope is that when the participants went home from this last summer that  they will end up changing and developing the region, not just in terms  of economic growth or political change, but through the creation of a  community of leaders committed to good economics and politics and most  importantly, to each other and God.

During this forum successful speakers from the political, economic  and business field shared with the participants that Jesus’s principles  and values are not only very helpful for the professional life but also  the only principles that can help you have a holistic and successful  career and life.

Over the course of the week, participants from Southeast Europe and  beyond engaged in workshops, small groups, lectures and fun social  activities.  They developed an understanding of politics, economics and  business with integrity and how to live out the principles of Jesus,  develop vision for change and create strong bonds of life-long  friendships.

Speakers like Ladislav Illic and Robert Maricak, and all the others  really inspired the young people and even older people with established  careers and in political parties.  Amazingly, it really connected with  both the young and the old and from all the different countries and  different backgrounds.

“This year EDI was truly special. It has been a great joy to see old  and new friends,” shares Corina Leahu, an EDI team member from Moldova.  “To share testimonies what God has done in our life, to learn new  things from the guests speakers, to learn more about each other, about  our culture, politics, future vision with Jesus along-side. I was so  encouraged by Justin’s testimony, his journey while preparing the EDI,  all the difficulties and challenges made it to be a true miracle. We had  a wonderful time in Crikvenica, filled with joy, faith, insightful  teachings, fun and beautiful seaside. God has shown his love and grace  to all of us.”

“I believe that the goals of the forum were accomplished,” shares  Justin Kagin, EDI Director, “and people did have renewed hope to follow  Jesus in their countries and create good and lasting change.”

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