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Forum Partners Serving Ukrainian Refugees: Hope House, Croatia

4/21/22, 10:00 AM

One of the projects we are supporting through the Forum Golden Rule Ukrainian Refugee Relief Project is Hope House.

Hope House has been serving refugees and asylum seekers in Zagreb, Croatia for years. When the war started in Ukraine they  instantly sprang to action collecting humanitarian aid to take to those  serving the refugees at the border (see more about their efforts in the  video below), as well as preparing to receive about 15 refugees at Hope  House. They have spent the past two month helping these refugees settle  into life in Croatia and have also made a second trip to the  Hungarian-Ukrainian border with more urgently-needed aid.

As you watch this 5-minute video you’ll be touched  by the work Hope House is engaged in and the hope they are giving  refugees from Ukraine. The young man featured in this still shot from  this video provided by Hope House is Stjepan, who first attended ROM in  2017 and has been an active volunteer both in ROM and Hope House since  then.

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