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Forum Partners Serving Ukrainian Refugees: Perspective Danes, Romania

4/17/22, 10:00 AM

One of the projects we are supporting through the Forum Golden Rule Ukrainian Refugee Relieft Project is Perspective Danes, run by ROMmates Liviu and Elena in Mures, Romania.

When the war in Ukraine started they transformed  their center for work with Roma and other vulnerable children into  accommodations for Ukrainian refugees. They have already had more than  50 Ukrainians stay there. Most of them stay three days to a week as they  figure out their next steps and longer-term destinations, however now a  higher percentage of their guests do not have anywhere else to go and  will need longer-term assistance.

In addition to accommodation, the Perspective Danes  team has also provided transportation from the Ukrainian and Moldovan  borders multiple times, and they also started putting together activity  packets for children coming through their town, as they recognized a  need for entertainment for the kids, both for the children's and  parents' sake.  So far they have distributed over 600 of these packets!

"We are a little bit tired to be honest," Liviu  shares. "And not just physically, but also emotionally. At the same  time, we have been encouraged to see how people came alongside us in  different ways. Others make negative comments, but it doesn't matter -  we will continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in these times for  our Ukrainian neighbors!"

To support the efforts of Perspective Danes and other members of the Forum community, you can give to our Golden Rule project online.

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