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Forum Partners Serving Ukrainian Refugees: Polylogos, Romania

3/18/22, 11:00 AM

The first initiative Forum will be supporting as part of our Golden Rule initiative, supporting ROM and EDI community members serving those displaced by the war in Ukraine, is Polylogos.

Polylogos was founded by ROM and EDI alumni in Cluj,  Romania, and has set up an extensive network of trusted allies and  friends across Ukraine, Romania and Moldova. Through this network they  have been able to help extract people who are trying to  escape from the  brutal war, to get them out of danger, and receive them and take good  care of them once they reach Romania.

While primarily focused on extracting and relocating  Ukrainian friends, Polylogos also responds to immediate needs as they  arise in their community (such as providing wheelchairs at the border  for elderly and disabled people, strollers for tired mothers with babies  and toddlers, and baby bottles and other essentials for families with  babies and young children hosted by a church in Cluj-Napoca).

To receive regular updates about Polylogos' efforts to help the people of Ukraine, sign up for their newsletter mailing list or follow their blog.

To support the efforts of Polylogos and other members of the Forum community, you can give to our Golden Rule project

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