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Golden Rule Update: A Trip to Ukraine

6/7/22, 10:00 AM

While there is currently less fighting in Kyiv, life is still very difficult –utilities and other infrastructure have not yet been fully restored, there are food and fuel shortages, many families are facing costly repairs or the need to totally rebuild their homes, and many have no job and therefore no source of income due to the businesses they worked for have been destroyed.

In March, 2022 ROM director Bojan Ruvarac and his  family had the opportunity to host a carload of refugees passing through  Serbia on their way to Bulgaria. A month later, their new friends  contacted Bojan and asked if there was any way they could help provide  food for their church in Kyiv? There are about 50 members of the church  living in Kyiv right now, who are working to serve the needs of their  community. Thanks to generous gifts made to the Golden Rule fund, on  Monday, May 23, he and ROMmate Ilija Micovic delivered a van load of  food (100 packages each containing 27 essential daily food and hygiene  items) to Mukachevo, Ukraine! From there it was taken to Kyiv by a  Ukrainian driver, Vasyl.

Thank you again for your support, gifts, prayers,  and care for Ukrainians affected by the war as it enters its fourth  month. The war and the divisions it has caused have demonstrated to us  the vital importance of reconciliation and the continued relevance of  the work we do at Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation.

To support the efforts of members of the Forum community serving those affected by the war in Ukraine, you can give to our Golden Rule project online.

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