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Web Event with Dr. Elona Prroj

12/17/20, 11:00 AM

Please join us for an EDI/ROM Zoom conversation with Dr. Elona Prroj on Thursday, December 17, 2020. Elona will share her story of losing her husband to a blood feud and choosing to forgive and end the cycle of violence.

Dr. Elona Prroj is Vice President of the Evangelical  Alliance of Albania and the lead pastor of Word of Christ Church. She  is also the founder and director of the “No Blood Feud - Yes to Life”  Foundation, a foundation which is very active in fight against blood  feuds, providing holistic care to families affected by this violent  tradition in the north of Albania. She is also a board member of World  Vision in Albania and Kosovo. She holds a master's degree in counselling  and a doctorate in psychology.

Elona is an internationally-recognized public speaker, particularly  on the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation. She has addressed this  topic in different conferences and platforms, Christian and secular,  throughout the world, including the EU Parliament in Brussels and the  National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC.

Last month she received the Mother Teresa Medal from the President  of Albania in recognition of her social and humanitarian contributions  to the country.

We hope you can join us!

The event will start promptly at:
10am Seattle time
12pm Houston time
1pm Washington DC time
6pm London time
7pm Brussels time
8pm Bucharest time

Join us at:

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